Unveiling the Telltale Signs of a Fake North Face Puffer Jacket

The North Face puffer jackets have become a streetwear essential. However, their rise in popularity has also attracted counterfeiters who produce fake North Face jackets. To avoid falling prey to counterfeit fashion, it's essential to know how to spot a fake North Face puffer jacket! In this blog, we'll highlight the key indicators that can help you distinguish between an authentic North Face jacket and a knockoff.

  1. The Hang Tag:
  •       Authentic North Face jackets come with a hang tag that is a dark blue colour with a high-resolution image.
  •       Fake jackets often have hang tags with lower resolution images that appear much darker, almost black.

  1. The Zipper:
  •       Examine the zipper closely. Authentic North Face puffer jackets have thicker zippers.
  •       The text stamped onto the metal should be bold and wide on a genuine jacket, while fakes may have narrower and fainter text.
  •       Pay attention to the shape of the zipper hole; it tends to be wider on genuine North Face zippers compared to fake ones.

  1. The Chest Logo:
  •       The logo on the front of the jacket is a crucial indicator. In fake North Face jackets, the shape part of the logo may not align straight.
  •       The font of the text in the logo is often thinner on fake jackets.
  •       The thread used for the logo is thinner and of lower quality on face jackets.


  1. The '700' Text:
  •       On the sleeve of an authentic North Face jacket, the '700' text appears with thicker thread and bolder, clearer lettering.
  •       Fake jackets usually have thinner thread and less defined lettering for the '700' text.


  1. The Product Code:
  •       Check the small white tag in the bottom of the jacket for the product code.
  •       Authentic North Face jackets have a larger white tag with bolder black text.
  •       Fake jackets often have smaller, thinner text with a grayish tint, and the tag itself may be made from a textured material.


  1. The Holographic Tag:
  •       Genuine North Face jackets typically include a holographic tag with cuts on the corners.
  •       Fake jackets may lack a holographic tag altogether, which is a strong indicator of a counterfeit.


Con As The North Face continues to be a highly sought-after brand, counterfeit North Face puffer jackets are on the rise. By familiarizing yourself with these telltale signs, you can confidently differentiate between an authentic North Face jacket and a fake one. Remember that purchasing from trusted is the safest way to ensure you're getting the real deal! 

December 04, 2023 — Sab Medlar